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About us

La Red Ecuatoriana de Universidades y Escuelas Politécnicas para Investigación y Posgrados (The Ecuadorian Network of Universities and Polytechnic Schools for Research and Postgraduate Studies, REDU, in its Spanish acronym) has delegated Universidad Técnica de Ambato (UTA) to organize the 8th edition of the congress. This congress annually brings together the plenary session of all High Education Institutions in Ecuador since 2014, in order to connect, disseminate, present and share knowledge in the fields of research, innovation and development

The VIII REDU International Research Congress (CIIREDU), takes place in a virtual way being organized by the Technical University of Ambato (UTA), located in Ecuador, Tungurahua province, and aims to become an unprecedented icon at a national and international level as an event that converges activities of scientific dissemination of the highest level with the presentation of keynote conferences carried out by world-class exponents such as Nobel Prize winners, international exhibitors and participation of renowned national scientists, which give a special connotation to this academic event

In the framework of the celebration of the VIII International REDU Research Congress (CIIREDU), oral presentations and poster presentations will be held through digital media. Activities that will make it possible to learn about scientific and technological progress at the national and international level in the various thematic areas. Therefore, the VIII CIIREDU represents a special and unique opportunity to exchange ideas, establish professional and academic contacts. In addition to the unprecedented opportunity in Ecuador to participate in conferences given by NOBEL PRIZES, EXPERTS and SCIENTISTS from different parts of the world.

Keynote Speakers

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