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The Technical University of Ambato (UTA), organizes this 2021 The VIII International Research Congress of The Ecuadorian Network of Universities and Polytechnic Schools for Research and Postgraduate Studies (CIIREDU), which annually brings together the plenary session of all High Education Institutions in Ecuador since 2014, in order to connect, disseminate, present and share knowledge in the fields of research, innovation and development. Our aim is to become an unprecedented icon at a national and international level as an event that converges activities of scientific dissemination of the highest level with the presentation of keynote conferences carried out by world-class exponents such as NOBEL PRIZE winners, International Exhibitors and participation of renowned national and international scientists.


Nobel Prizes

We have the presence of 3 Nobel Prizes
and 4 World experts

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel´s Prize Winner in Economy, author, professor
at the Business School of The University of Columbia,
and former chief economist of the World Bank

Michael Houghton

Nobel´s Prize Winner in Medicine; Director
of the Institute of Applied Virology Li Ka
Shing at the University of Alberta

George Smith

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in the development
of phage-display technology, a laboratory technique
for the for the study of protein-protein interactions,
protein-peptide and protein-DNA interactions

REDU 2021

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Congress REDU2021 
event organized by the
Technical University of Ambato (UTA)

Registration close


(Until 09/30/2021)
(Desde el 10/01/2021)


$ 140.00

 $ 150.00


$ 100.00

$ 130.00


$ 60.00

$ 70.00

*Does not apply for students registered in Master and Doctorate programs

Registration fee Includes

All participants

  • Access to the latest technology interactive virtual platform for the Congress

  • Access to virtual Master Conferences of NOBEL Award Winners

  • Access to Parallel Sessions, Oral and Written Presentations (Posters)

  • Access to Book of memories from the Congress

  • VAT, Digital Certificate

  • Printed Certificate

Speakers Only

  • Publication of accepted abstracts (Journal indexed in SCOPUS, Impact Factor Q4)

  • Invitation to the best accepted abstracts for publication of full articles

  • Costs for publication of complete articles in Indexed Journals

  • IMPORTANT: The costs of registration in this category must be cancelled after the notification of acceptance of your abstract by the Scientific Committee of the Congress.

Technical University of Ambato (UTA)

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