Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Galo Naranjo López, PhD.
Rector of Universidad Técnica de Ambato (UTA)

Marcelo Cevallos Vallejos, PhD
President of the Ecuadorian Network of Universities and Polytechnic Schools for Research and Postgraduate Studies (REDU)

Elsa Hernández Cherrez, PhD.
Vice-rector of Research, Development and Society Involvement (UTA)

Pablo Ulloa Purcachi, PhD.
Director of National and International Relations (DIRENI - UTA)

John Reyes Vasquez, Mg.
Director of Research and Development (DIDE - UTA)

Irene Murillo, Dra. 
Public Company (UTA – EP) 

Juan Francisco Mora, PhD. 
Communication and Public Relations Department (UTA) 


Keynote Speakers

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